Fairbot Support

I've had a number of requests recently asking for support on using some feature of Fairbot. One determined user managed to track down my mobile number and send me a text message.

I am happy to answer questions directly related to posts I've made or videos I've uploaded but please note I am NOT an employee of Binteko, the developers of Fairbot. Nor am I involved in providing paid support on their behalf. My only connection to them is that I'm a user and I have an affiliate link on the 'Trading Software' page.

If you require assistance using Fairbot I suggest you contact them directly via their contact page on their website. My experience of their support is a positive one and they are usually prompt with their responses.

In the meantime, I'll happily respond to feedback on my youtube channel or blog posts but I'm not here to provide free support for a product for which I have no financial involvement.


John Smith said...

Thank you I have emailed support team and your correct very helpful and fast reply. I would also like to say your videos on YouTube are great keep up the good work 👍

Alistair said...

Thanks for the comments John. Glad to see you got things sorted.