Back Or Lay 2014-2015 Final Summary

As there are no more suitable Back Or Lay selections for this month, indeed, this calendar year, I'll take the opportunity to summarise the performance for the year 1st Aug 2014 - 31 July 2015:

Bet TypeNo. Of BetsPts P&L
No Bets19NA

An overall ROI of 6.68% is an excellent result though I'm disappointed with the performance of the back bet selections which have been consistently poor all year. Ignoring those we see that the lays on their own produced an ROI of 12.82%.

Having reviewed my results over the past few years it is clear that the back selections are just too inconsistent. As a result, I'm going to drop them for the coming year and concentrate on laying home teams that I think are on the short side.

With the domestic leagues starting soon we'll soon see a sharp rise in the number of selections available. Stay tuned or follow on twitter as the calendar year starts on 1st August 2015.

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