Home Lay Value Picks - 1st-2nd Aug 2015

The start of a new year and a new season and the Back Or Lay Picks have morphed into Home Lay Value Picks.

As alluded to in an earlier post, the Back element of the previous incarnation has proved somewhat inconsistent over the years so I've decided to drop it and concentrate on laying home teams that I think are too low in the odds. The same rules apply for this:

1. Only lay if you can get odds of 1.90 or lower
2. For the purposes of recording results, I'll be using the odds recorded at BetExplorer.
3. Recorded profit and losses are based on a 1pt liability with 5% commission deducted from profitable lays.
4. Picks will be given for weekend matches and again for any midweek games.
5. Selections will be posted on the blog though I'll announce their presence in Twitter.
6. Follow at your own risk

At some stage I might get around to posting a results spreadsheet online but for now, let's bash on with the selections:


The selection of Celtic is perhaps one to raise eyebrows, but the numbers are indicating it's a value lay so I've got to go with what the sums are telling me.

1 comment:

Alistair said...

Not the best start to the new season but a long long way to go yet.