Lay Of The Day Hits 20pts Profit

Lay Of The Day
It's been a touch over two months and with today's lay of the day selection bringing home the goods, I'm delighted to say the trial has hit the 20pts profit mark.

Though not quite over, and at the risk of tempting fate, August has proved to be an excellent month. This is in stark contrast with July which suffered from a ten day spell where it was difficult to establish any momentum. On reflection, that was largely my fault as I tried to be clever and fine tune things after a good start to the trial. When I went back to keeping things simple, progress picked up again. Lesson learned.

I originally intended this to be a relatively short trial. However, encouraged by the performance this past month, I think it is sensible to continue with the exercise. This is especially true as we transition from flat racing to jumps racing over the coming month. The more data points I have, the greater the quality of that data.

So, look out for the selections continuing over on Twitter and you'll see a full list of selections and performance if you click on the image.

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