Lay Of The Day - Oct 2015

Lay Of The Day - Oct 2015
What a strange month, not to mention a disappointing one despite a small profit of a little over 4pts.

It got off to a poor start with the first lay losing 5pts but quickly recovered with 9 successful lays in a row excluding a DNQ.

DNQs were a bit of a bane in the latter half of the month. There were eight of the blighters together with three no shows as I was away. Very frustrating and unfortunately I let that frustration get the better of me. Having selected yet another horse that was well into DNQ territory I decided to discount it and go for my second selection instead.... to my cost. As a result, the return for the month is 6pts less than it should have been.

When I'm looking at possible lays, I don't look at the odds. In other words, the price is never a consideration in the selection process - but with the proviso that prices of 10.0 and above result in non-qualification. I deviated from that process and you saw the result. It serves as a reminder that no matter how experienced you are, discipline is key to long term profits.

Lesson learned (again, because it is easy to forget it). Always stick to the plan if you have one. The only time you should ever change it is if the plan is clearly a long term failure at which point you need to think of something else.

Despite that hiccup, the Lay Of the Day remains on a steady upward trend at +35 points after 4 months. Long may that continue.

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