Lay Of The Day - Nov 2015

Lay Of The Day
What a great month and what a disaster at the end!

November continued a winning trend that started at the tail end of October yet finished with a losing week that resulted in an overall loss of some 2pts. Yet it looked like being so different.

A new record of 18 winning lays in a row was achieved. So that's a positive. So much so that I was beginning to entertain the idea of going through the whole month without hitting a winning lay. Unfortunately that was not to be, big time.

Having created a positive record during the month, a negative one was achieved as well. The last week has seen 4 failed selections from 6 placed resulting in a record draw down of 14.8pts. That's going to take a while to recover from.

Indeed, as I move into December, I can announce that this public trial will be brought to a close at the end of the year. That will be a few days over six months and more than enough time to assess its success. But I'm getting ahead of myself... There's four weeks of selections to go as I look to recover some of the losses that this past week has inflicted. I take comfort in the fact that the overall trend is still strongly pointing upwards.

As ever, you can follow the announcements on Twitter and you can review a spreadsheet of all selections and results by clicking on the image.

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