Lay Of The Day - Dec 2015
After six months the Lay Of The Day trial comes to a close.

I'm delighted to finish with a profit of 36pts which was only spoilt by a rather disastrous week at the tail end of November which saw the quick loss of some 20pts.

That blip aside progress was steady throughout the trial and I see no reason why it wouldn't continue to be over the longer term.

The exercise threw up a couple of interesting observations that need further investigation:

1. A significant number of the selections drifted in the time between them being announced on Twitter and the scheduled off time opening the door for the possibility of trading them pre-off.

2. The vast majority of the selections shortened in-running from their BSP giving the possibility of either a back-to-lay in-running trade or simply laying them in-running at a slightly lower price instead of taking BSP.

I'll be continuing my investigations into those two possibilities as I keep the lay of the day going.

With the public trial at an end it only remains for me to thank you for following and posting comments and feedback.