Rugby Union Trading

It's been a while since I posted. Indeed it's been a while since I did any trading. I think it is about time I got back on the horse as it were...

Last Autumn when the Rugby Union World Cup was on I spent as much time as I could trading the markets - or learning to trade the markets I should say. I was immediately taken with the trading opportunities available.

With the Six Nations kicking off yesterday I took the opportunity to get involved again and I'm delighted to say things went very well indeed - as the two images below indicate. Unfortunately I missed the Ireland v Wales game this afternoon.

If yesterday's performance is anything to go by I'll be getting involved in as many games as I can in the future. It is a shame that liquidity in the weekend club matches is nowhere near what it is in the Six Nations or the World Cup. Still, it is useful having another string to one's bow.

France v Italy Six Nations

Scotland v England Six Nations