Rugby Union Trading

It's been a while since I posted. Indeed it's been a while since I did any trading. I think it is about time I got back on the horse as it were...

Last Autumn when the Rugby Union World Cup was on I spent as much time as I could trading the markets - or learning to trade the markets I should say. I was immediately taken with the trading opportunities available.

With the Six Nations kicking off yesterday I took the opportunity to get involved again and I'm delighted to say things went very well indeed - as the two images below indicate. Unfortunately I missed the Ireland v Wales game this afternoon.

If yesterday's performance is anything to go by I'll be getting involved in as many games as I can in the future. It is a shame that liquidity in the weekend club matches is nowhere near what it is in the Six Nations or the World Cup. Still, it is useful having another string to one's bow.

France v Italy Six Nations

Scotland v England Six Nations


Tomo said...

a fellow soccerlotto member ,, interested in this but how does it work? unless of course it a trade secret :-)


Alistair said...

Hi Tomo

I use trading software called Fairbot to allow me to quickly place back bets and lay bets into the market. This allows me to build a position as the market ebbs and flows during the game. I simply recycle that money back in to the market each time to increase (hopefully) my profit.

Alistair said...

I missed the games on Saturday Tomo. I was in Edinburgh at a show - 'Blood Brothers' - highly recommended.

I tried the England game but screwed it up and got greedy and was about to green up for £70 when England intercepted 20m out and scored a try. Managed to get out for a small loss but not my finest hour.

Alistair said...

Sorry Tomo, I inadvertently deleted your comment about the Wales v Scotland game. Anyway, see my comment above.

Gee Dee said...

Hi Alistair.. Good to see you back in print, as you always have an interesting stratergy to put forward or expand.
Have tried to contact you previously but it seems I failed.
Would like to discuss some of your other views.
Do you have an email for sports trading or skype etc

Bet Your Life Sports Trading said...

Gee Dee, if you want to get in touch it is probably best to follow me on Twitter. If you have questions regarding my videos, post a question on the relevant YouTube video.

Gee Dee said...

OK Alistair. Will do both. Can not find you on Twitter though.

Alistair said...

Gee Dee.... Use the twitter link in the top right corner of this blog.

M said...

Hello. Congratulations for you are doing a very fine job with this blog and the YouTube channell. I also like to investigate, experiment and test systems and strategies and Fairbot is my favorite toy for that.

There is something that bothers me and I d´m not sure if I get it right. Apparently, Betfair doesn´t allow queued lay bets to be taken at the start of any event (i. e. greyhound races) if the amount of these bets is less than 20 pounds/euro. So if for example you place a 30 euro lay on a greyhound and select it to "take SP" and this bet is taken partially (say 15 euro are matched), you are left with a 15 euro lay bet pending that will never be taken. At any price.

This spoils any strategy on such markets as greyhound racing, where I would like to lay the field prior to start. I don´t know if you´ve guessed any way to get around this problem.

Anyways, thanks for all the fresh ideas you spread on this site and your videos.It´s really inspiring.


Alistair said...

Thanks for your comments Miguel.

I'd contact Betfair helpdesk directly if I were you just to confirm what you are seeing.

My take on it is this:
1. Lay the fields in greyhound markets won't work as the vast majority of those markets do not go 'in-play' - the 'keep' functionality does not work.
2. The 'Take SP' function depends on the volume available in the market when it goes in play. In the greyhound markets the liquidity is generally low and so there is a big risk that not all your money will get matched at SP.

Jon B said...

Interesting profits. It looks like if you follow the swings than you can make a bit of money from this, especially if you know the sport.

I've been trying this out a bit with some small stakes, and mixed results! Been getting some good strategies from your videos though.

On weekday nights I've found that dutching the top half of the field works well, this might be because there tend to be weaker horses at the back.

On weekends though this was a bit disastrous - I've been seeing horses at 20.0+ odds storming through to win completely out of nowhere.

Have you seen this too? Do you trade differently on weekends than you do on weekday nights? My sense is to avoid weekend trades entirely, they seem way too dramatic and unpredictable.

I think my second strategy is then to lay the field, but only in short sprints with no clear favourite.

Fairbot is an exellent tool too. I've put auto green-up rules into a strategy so that I'm guaranteed a profit (albeit a small one) when things aren't going to plan.

Forgive the length (oo er!) but I appreciate your blogs and videos.

Alistair said...

Hi Jon,

I agree about Saturdays. I've always found them more difficult. Then again, I tend to be doing other things at weekends. Just a hobby for me and family always comes first.

Good to see you are getting some success during the week though. Keep it up.