Greyhound Lay Plan Summary for April-May 2017

May has proven to be a difficult month. In particular the last two weeks has seen virtually all the gains made in the first two weeks disappear. It didn't help that one of the rules I had setup within Fairbot's automated system wasn't firing properly under certain circumstances.

Hopefully that issue has been resolved now and next month will see a little less of the wild swings that happened for much of this month.

The graph illustrates the on-going performance since I started on the 17th April and clearly shows the steady drop in results over the past two weeks. Still, a small profit for the month so continuing to head in the right direction.

Onwards and upwards.

Greyhound Lay Plan for April-May 2017

Greyhound Lay Plan Summary for April 2017

Having gone back to the dogs recently it seems appropriate that I take the blog back to its original purpose all those years ago as a means of documenting progress and help maintain discipline.

Having entered semi-retirement and with a part-time job that has constantly changing shifts trading the horse markets on a regular basis has been haphazard to say the least making it difficult to pick up any momentum. Switching back to my roots and revisiting the dogs means that no matter what my shift patterns are I'll always have the opportunity to get involved in those markets sometime in the day if I so wish.

Unlike the past, I am not trading the greyhounds pre-race. Although I was successful at it, it took long hours earning pennies at times for each race and it is not something I wish to return to. Instead, I'll be laying runners pre-off and letting them get on with it. This means there will be lots of winners and losers as you'll see from the saw-tooth like nature of the graph below.

I won't be going into any detail on how or why I lay the selections I do. Suffice to say I have a preset set of criteria which I have tested in simulation mode in Fairbot since the middle of March using its automated strategy feature. This has proved successful enough to encourage me to put real money into the markets from the 17th April as represented below.

The blue indicates the ups and downs of the running total from race to race. The red bars represent the running total at the end of each trading day. One should note that the first day I was using stakes that I subsequently decided where too high for my available bank. Consequently, I halved the stakes for subsequent days. As the overall total increases (hopefully) and reaches certain landmark values I will increase the staking levels in small increments.

Back To The Dogs

Since giving up self-employment six months ago and starting a new job my shifts are such that my trading exploits and, in particular my participation in the horse markets has been severely limited. Hence the lack of posts, videos and tweets.

I've slowly been looking at other markets such as tennis and cricket but I've also found myself drifting back to where I originally started; the greyhounds. It's been like visiting a long lost friend.

I'd forgotten how favourable I'd always found the dogs. This morning wasn't bad for a little over ninety mins work.