Trading Software and Utilities

Depending on the sports you trade on, you may find that the web interface at your favourite exchange simply isn't fast enough or doesn't provide the tools you need. With this in mind, check out the following tools and utilities. Some are free. Others are subscription based but have free trials or some free functionality.

Please note that the inclusion of any software listed here, does not necessarily indicate an endorsement by this site. It is incumbent on you, the trader, to assess which application best meets your requirements. To this end, you should make full use of any trial offers that are available.


FairBot is state of the art Windows software which provides an enhanced betting interface to the leading Betting Exchange, Betfair.

Fairbot is my trading tool of choice not least because it can easily be made to run in Linux (my preferred OS) through the Linux compatible Windows API provided in WINE.

It's full range of trading tools (offset, stop loss, kill or fill etc) are complimented with excellent tools such as Back and Lay Dutching, Back and Lay the field and the excellent Automated Strategy tool. It all adds up to a full range of functionality that caters for virtually every need no matter what your betting or trading style is.

The software has a simple and easy to understand interface ensuring the new user will be up and running with a minimum of fuss. There's a free 15 day trial available for you to put it through its paces.

Finally, the support offered by the vendor is excellent. Questions are always answered in a timely manner and product suggestions are more than welcome.

Bet Angel Pro

One of the leaders in the field of sports trading software, Bet Angel is a sophisticated trading application that provides a wealth of facilities allowing you to make the best of every opportunity in the sports markets. It is subscription based but now has an added benefit...

In a separate application, with the same look and feel and only minor differences in functionality, you can now trade on Betdaq as well as Betfair. The Betdaq version is currently supplied free so the transition is not only as painless as possible, but pretty easy on the pocket as well.

In addition, Bet Angel subscribers can use the excellent analysis tool, Soccer Mystic, which attemps to model soccer matches giving the user an added dimension to their trading and a better understanding of how the football markets behave as a match progresses.

The Geeks Toy

The new kid on the block. A fast and easy to use trading application with unparalleled levels of user customisation.

Give your Betfair trading a boost by giving The Toy a whirl.

Gruss Software

This excellent software provides all the tools you'd expect from a modern exchange trading application - single click betting, dutching, fill or kill, stoploss etc. However, perhaps it's main strength compared to other applications is it's integration with MS Excel enabling fast, triggered, automated betting/trading.

With a strong community forum behind it, you'll be creating bots in no time, if that's your thing. If not, it's manual trading tools still make it a strong contender as the application of choice.

Betdaq Trader

Developed by Betdaq themselves specifically for trading the sports markets on Betdaq. Written in Java and therefore truly cross-platform, this application is free to download and use. Full of interesting features, and now complete with an excellent ladder interface, this is a trading application that you should try out.

It has particularly interesting dutching functionality. Not only can you back and lay dutch but it also allows you to dutch across multiple markets. A feature that I don't recall seeing in any other application.

The facilities in this application are extensive and will take you some time to explore, but, given that it is free, I believe it will repay the effort you put in to learn it.